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XXII Olympic Winter Games
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The 2014 Winter Olympics, formally called the XXII Olympic Winter Games, will be an international athletic event that has yet to be organized by the International Olympic Committee. The IOC under the leadership of Jacques Rogge has received the applications of seven cities to bid for the honor of hosting the event. The winner will be announced in 2007 during the 119th International Olympic Committee Session in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Applicant Cities

The deadline has passed. The following applicant cities have been approved by their National Olympic Committtees -[1]

PyeongChang 2014 olympic bid logo

Pyeongchang, South Korea was unanimously selected over Muju by the Korean Olympic Committee in December 2004, and was the first city to submit its bid to the International Olympic Committee. The bid has launched a full-scale campaign in an effort to secure a Winter Olympics, which eluded them by a mere three votes in the 2010 Olympic race, in which the Games were awarded to Vancouver, Canada. The 2014 project concentrates all venues within one hour of Pyeongchang, calls for huge sums of investment into new infrastructure and sporting venues, including the new Alpensi resort; moreover, the sporting event would promote a message of peace and harmony in the world's only divided country. Since 2003, the region has landed the 2009 Snowboard World Championships and the 2009 Biathlon World Championships in an aim at becoming the winter sports hub of Asia.

Sofia, Bulgaria has submitted its application in the city's third attempt to land the Winter Games, after losing the 1992 and 1994 nomination to Albertville and Lillehammer, respectively. The nation has developed and modernized resorts in order to prepare for the 2014 bid, and the ambitious multi-million euros Super Borovets expansion project is a further signal of Bulgaria's continual investment into infrastructure. The city's bid also seems to have gained significant political support within the country and thus sent in its application as early as on April 17, 2004. Financial and organizational problems, though, have not yet been fully solved.

Sochi 2014 olympic bid logo

Sochi, Russia - The Russian Black Sea resort will bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics along with Krasnaya Polyana, 45 km away from Sochi. The Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, which is being designed by the same company working on ski slopes for the 2010 Winter Olympics, will open in 2007 and will be the primary venue for outdoor sports while Sochi will host indoor winter sports. The high number of hotel rooms and strong public and political support in Sochi are expected to strengthen the bid's chances. Sochi may be one of the first subtropical cities to run Olympic games.

Salzburg 2014 olympic bid logo

Salzburg, Austria - Despite its excellent technical bid, the Austrian town was eliminated in the first round in voting during the 2010 competition. The 2014 bid is more compact than the 2010 project due to the elimination of the Kitzbühel, St. Johann and Ramsau venues.

Almaty, Kazakhstan - Almaty, the former Soviet nation's largest city, has submitted its offical bid for the 2014 Olympics to the International Olympic Committee. The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan cites the existing indoor sports facilities and the Chimbulak Mountain ski slopes.

Borjomi, Georgia - Despite the lack of sports infrastructure, Georgia reportedly has the money and the will to host the Winter Olympics.

Jaca, Spain - Jaca has failed two times in its bid to land the 1998 and 2010 Winter Olympics, and is attempting to make the short-list for the second time. Skiing events will take place at selected ski resorts in the Pyrenees. Jaca did bid for 2002 but missed the short list which was limited to Östersund (Sweden), Quebec City (Canada), Sion (Switzerland) and Salt Lake City from the US, the eventual host.

Out of the race

The following cities have withdrawn their 2014 Winter Olympic bids or have decided not to bid.

Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Annecy, France - No backing by the French Olympic Committee after Paris lost its 2012 bid, but now considering bidding for 2018.

Erzurum, Turkey - The National Olympic Committee of Turkey cites a lack of infrastructure

Harbin, People's Republic of China - Investment has been poured into the 2009 Winter Universiade

Munich, Germany - National Olympic Committee for Germany cites lack of detail and planning

Östersund, Sweden - Lack of Swedish political support

Reno and Lake Tahoe, United States of America - No backing by the United States Olympic Committee

Tromsø, Norway - The Norwegian government has not guaranteed money to the bid

Zürich, Switzerland - Withdrew their bid on September 14th, 2004

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