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Capital is a word with many potential meanings:

  • A capital city (in many states the political, religious, and economic capital are the same):
    • In geography and politics, a capital (also called capital city or political capital) of a country or other political entity is a city or town that contains the government. (An alternative, less formal definition of "political capital" is the still-unclaimed favors a politician or lobbyist other political entity is owed in return for favors he or she or it has in the past done. For example, a factory seeking permits to expand might "call in" the political capital it has built up by years of donating to school-construction projects.)
    • In societies with official religions a capital is a religious capital.

Also, the term "capital" is often confused with the term capitol, which is the term used for certain buildings used to house the legislative body of a certain sovereignty.


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