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The Paris Hilton sex tape
File:Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore & Uncensored.jpg
Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored
File:1 Night In China.jpg
1 Night In China dvd cover
File:Tonya and Jeff's Wedding Night.jpg
Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly in Tonya and Jeff's Wedding Night

A celebrity sex tape is a home video of sex acts, as performed by a celebrity and his or her partner, which finds Internet and/or bootleg distribution and made available to an audience for which it was not intended.

Famous celebrity sex videos include:

  • Footage from the honeymoon of Pamela Anderson (Baywatch alum) and then-husband Tommy Lee.
  • Paris Hilton and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon shot in so-called night-vision. This footage, along with additional full-color footage, was sold under the title 1 Night in Paris. In addition, there have been reports that several additional hours of video exist of Hilton having sex with other men and women, including Nicole Lenz.
  • Popular actor Colin Farrell admitted that a 15-minute sex tape he made with ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain exists. He is currently attempting to block its distribution.
  • Gena Lee Nolin (another Baywatch alum) and her ex-husband Greg Fahlman.
  • Jenna Lewis from Survivor and her husband on their wedding night.
  • Figure skater Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly. Commonly billed as a "wedding night sex video" because it begins with Harding in a wedding dress; however, the dress was a Halloween costume.
  • Taiwanese television reporter and politician Chu Mei-feng in tapes released by her ex-boyfriend.
  • Croatian pop singer Severina Vučković appeared in a sex tape.
  • Model Jordan allegedly had a sex tape of herself stolen from her car.
  • Actor Rob Lowe appeared in a tape with two female fans, one of whom was underage, though he was not aware of this.
  • Adult film actress Janine Lindemulder and rock star Vince Neil appeared in a tape together.
  • British TV personality Abi Titmuss appeared in a tape with her boyfriend John Leslie and an unidentified woman.
  • Professional wrestlers Joanie Laurer (better known as Chyna) and Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac) which is being sold under the title 1 Night in China.
  • Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and an unknown female, which was stolen from his computer in February 2005.
  • A celebrity sex tape of actor Steve Guttenberg was reportedly leaked in the late 1980s, but it did not achieve wide distribution or popularity.
  • Former sportscaster Jayne Kennedy also had a sex tape stolen and released showing her with former husband Leon Isaac Kennedy. It is extreme in terms of sexual acts.
  • Rapper Eve made a sex tape in 1999 of which a brief clip was posted on the Internet in 2005.
  • R&B and Soul singer R Kelly made a sex tape in February 2002 with, allegedly, a 14 year old daughter of an associate.
  • Actor Tom Sizemore is featured in approximately 8 hours of sex video involving multiple women published on the Internet on August 18 2005 by a company named ifreeloader.
  • The sex adventures of Pamela Anderson and vocalist of the metal band Poison Bret Michaels will be released as a DVD on September 7 2005 by Metro Studios.
  • Turkish model Gamze Özçelik appeared in a movie that was recorded by a cell-phone showing her unconscious having sex with an unknown man. She later claimed that the man was her ex-boyfriend Gökhan Demirkol, and sued him for giving her drugs to record the video.
  • Australian celebrity Mimi McPherson, sister of Elle McPherson, appeared having sex with her then boyfriend in a home-made video.
  • Actress Sharon Tate and her husband, director Roman Polanski, made a sex tape in 1969 on the analog reel to reel video equipment of the time. This tape, whose long rumored existence was confirmed by Polanski in his autobiography, was seized by the Los Angeles Police Department as part of evidence for the Manson Family murders along with other property of the couple kept at their house on Cielo Drive. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that it was stolen from LAPD vaults by a police officer and sold to a private collector.
  • Australian actress Kate Ritchie, star of TV soap "Home & Away" featured in a sex tape.

False and disputed sex tapes

In addition to the above tapes, there have been several instances of tapes allegedly featuring a celebrity which were later revealed to be false or are in dispute. These include:

  • TLC host Paige Davis - A video, allegedly made by her and her ex-boyfriend in 1997, surfaced in December 2004. It was later reported that the woman was not Davis.
  • A film in the 1950s called The Apple Knockers and the Coke was purported to feature Marilyn Monroe, but is now recognized to star Playboy model Arline Hunter. A disputed film believed by many to star Monroe exists, and is in the collection of the Hollywood Erotic Museum.
  • In 2002 a sex tape featuring a woman alleged to be Christina Aguilera appeared on the internet. Experts determined that it was not Aguilera, and was merely a lookalike.
  • A tape was released that allegedly featured American Pie star Alyson Hannigan nude and performing oral sex on an unidentified man. This turned out to be the adult movie actress Luna Lane.
  • A tape has been put out with initial false claims that it depicted Allison Williams, Miss West Virginia 2003. It has been suggested that this tape instead shows an American TV reporter of the same name, with her cameraman.
  • A nude model by the name of Leanna Scott made an adult film, looking nearly identical to popular model Tila Nguyen. A rumor started that Tila had made a hardcore porn film earlier in her career. Nguyen publicly announced on her Myspace blog that it was not her in the video.
  • In 2001, a near-30-minute video appearing on the Internet depicted a couple having sex, who were later said to be Hungarian ex-gymnast and TV reporter Zsuzsa Csisztu and rifle shooting olympic champion Attila Solti. Despite the striking resemblances and Solti being mentioned on the video as "the one handling the camera", both continue to deny the accusations.


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