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Template:AZL is the twelfth letter of the Latin alphabet. Its name in English is el.



The letter L is derived ultimately from the Semitic Lamed (crook/goad) which stood for the phonetic value /l/ as did the Greek letter Lambda Λ (upper case) or λ (lower case), as well as the equivalent Etruscan and Latin letters. In reference, it is spelled el or ell.


In English, L can have several values, depending on whether it occurs before or after a vowel. The alveolar lateral approximant (IPA Template:IPA) occurs before a vowel, as in lip or please, while the velarized alveolar lateral approximant (IPA Template:IPA) occurs in bell and milk (see Dark L). This velarization does not occur in many European languages that use L, and is also a factor making L difficult to pronounce for users of languages such as Japanese or Chinese that either lack or have different values for L.

L can occur before almost any plosive, fricative, or affricate in English. Common digraphs include LL, which has a value identical to L in English but has the separate value voiceless alveolar lateral fricative (IPA Template:IPA) in Welsh, where it can appear in an initial position.

A palatalised L (IPA Template:IPA) occurs in many languages, and is represented by GL in Italian, LL in certain varieties of Spanish, LH in Portuguese and Ļ in Latvian.

Alternative representations

Lima represents the letter L in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

In international Morse code the letter L is DitDahDitDit: · - · ·

In Braille the letter L is represented as (in Unicode), the dot pattern,



In Unicode the capital L is codepoint U+004C and the lowercase l is U+006C. In some fonts, a lowercase l may be difficult to distinguish from a 1, a more stylized version based on the handwritten ℓ is sometimes used - this is often used as a suffix on a number to represent represent litres. Its codepoint is U +2113 and its numeric character reference is "ℓ".

The ASCII code for capital L is 76 and for lowercase l is 108; or in binary 01001100 and 01101100, correspondingly.

The EBCDIC code for capital L is 211 and for lowercase l is 147.

The numeric character references in HTML and XML are "L" and "l" for upper and lower case respectively.

Things named "L"

Things abbreviated as "L"

Alternate meanings for the symbol "L"

  • In Roman numerals, L denotes the number 50 (there are also separate Unicode characters for this number, 0x216C "Ⅼ" and 0x217C "ⅼ").
  • The lowercase l is sometimes used in place of the number 1 in typewritten text. Some typewriters did not even have a key for the numeral, so a number of people have retained the habit even in the computer age.

See also

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