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This is a list and description of the episodes from the animated television series Family Guy.



Season 1

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "Death Has a Shadow" January 31, 1999
(after Super Bowl XXXIII)
When Peter's drinking habit causes him to lose his job, he signs up for welfare, but returns it at the Super Bowl.
100px "I Never Met the Dead Man" April 11, 1999 1ACX02
When Peter accidentally runs over the cable television transmitter, he then decides to spend his life away from the TV. Stewie goes to great lengths to avoid eating his broccoli.
100px "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" April 18, 1999 1ACX04
Lois wants Stewie's first birthday party to be perfect, but Meg would rather go to a party with her new friend.
100px "Mind Over Murder" April 25, 1999 1ACX03
When Peter is put under house arrest, he builds a bar in his basement, where Lois becomes a singing star. Stewie constructs a time machine.
100px "A Hero Sits Next Door" May 2, 1999 1ACX05
Joe Swanson moves in next door and Peter recruits him to be a ringer at the toy factory's baseball team.
100px "The Son Also Draws" May 9, 1999 1ACX06
Chris hates being in the "Scouts" but is afraid to tell Peter. The family travels to New York but sidetracks at an Indian casino.
100px "Brian: Portrait of a Dog" May 16, 1999 1ACX07
Feeling demeaned by a dog show, Brian leaves the family and tries to make it on his own.

Season 2

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "Peter Peter Caviar Eater" September 23, 1999 1ACX08
Aunt Marguerite wills her mansion Cherrywood in Newport, Rhode Island to Lois, and the Griffin family moves there.
100px "Holy Crap" September 30, 1999 1ACX11
Peter decides to kidnap the Pope to mend fences with his father.
100px "Da Boom" December 26, 1999 2ACX06
The worst predictions about Y2K come true and the family tries to survive at a Twinkie factory.
100px "Brian in Love" March 7, 2000 2ACX01
Brian's psychologist is certain that Brian's feelings for his best friend's wife are the cause of his incontinence.
100px "Love Thy Trophy" March 14, 2000 1ACX13
The neighbors fight over a trophy while Stewie is placed in foster care.
100px "Death is a Bitch" March 21, 2000 1ACX14
Peter declares himself deceased to avoid a hospital bill.
100px "The King is Dead" March 28, 2000 1ACX15
Lois is named director of the local theatre group, and decides to produce The King and I. Lois names Peter producer in the hopes of keeping him out of the way, but Peter gradually takes over.
100px "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar" March 28, 2000 2ACX02
Peter goes to a women's retreat and comes back effeminate.
100px "If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'" April 4, 2000 1ACX12
Peter pretends Chris has a terminal disease so he can get a TV show back on the air.
100px "Running Mates" April 11, 2000 1ACX09
Both Peter and Lois run for Quahog School Board President.
100px "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Bucks" April 18, 2000 2ACX07
Chris is discovered by art dealer Antonio Monatti and goes to New York to pursue a painting career.
100px "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" April 25, 2000 2ACX08
Meg feels very embarrassed by her family and takes them on a talk show.
100px "Road to Rhode Island" May 30, 2000 2ACX12
On a trip to bring Stewie home, Brian passes by his birthplace and sees his mother one last time.
100px "Let's Go To The Hop" June 6, 2000 2ACX04
Peter goes to high school undercover to stop a drug craze.
100px "Dammit Janet" June 13, 2000 2ACX09
Lois gets a job as a flight attendant, and puts Stewie in day care, where he falls in love with a toddler named Janet.
100px "There's Something About Paulie" June 27, 2000 1ACX10
A Mafia guy offers to help Peter obtain a brand-new car in exchange for a favor, entertaining Big Fat Paulie, the nephew of the Don.
100px "He's Too Sexy For His Fat" June 27, 2000 2ACX10
Chris sticks to diet and exercise to lose weight, but Peter opts for cosmetic surgery.
100px "E. Peterbus Unum" July 12, 2000 2ACX13
Peter declares his house to be the new nation of "Petoria" and annexes Joe's pool.
100px "The Story on Page One" July 18, 2000 2ACX14
Meg writes for the school paper so she can have extracurricular activities and be admitted to Brown University, until Peter switches her article with one saying that Luke Perry is gay.
100px "Wasted Talent" July 25, 2000 2ACX15
Lois desperately searches for one piano student who can beat Alexis's student at the piano competition, while Peter drinks even more Pawtucket beer than usual in an attempt to win a tour of the brewery.
100px "Fore Father" August 1, 2000 2ACX16
Peter tries to mould Cleveland Jr. into a famous golfer, neglecting his own son.

Season 3

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "The Thin White Line" July 11, 2001 2ACX17
Brian works as a police dog then goes into rehab. First part of a two part episode.
100px "Brian Does Hollywood" July 18, 2001 2ACX20
Brian moves to L.A. and becomes a director. Second part of a two part episode
100px "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington" July 25, 2001 2ACX11
Peter goes to Washington, D.C. as a tobacco lobbyist.
100px "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea" August 1, 2001 2ACX19
The Drunken Clam is turned into a British pub.
100px "And the Wiener is..." August 8, 2001 2ACX22
Peter is sure Chris will never beat him at any competition.
100px "Death Lives" August 15, 2001 2ACX21
On their wedding anniversary, Peter sends Lois on a scavenger hunt so he can go play golf at Barrington.
100px "Lethal Weapons" August 22, 2001 2ACX18
The quiet of Quahog is disrupted when the leaves start turning fall colors and "leafers" (New Yorkers) invade town.
100px "The Kiss Seen Around the World" August 29, 2001 3ACX02
Channel 5 announces they want two high school interns, and Meg, who has a crush on news anchor Tom Tucker, applies and is selected. Stewie deals with a bully.
100px "Mr. Saturday Knight" September 5, 2001 3ACX04
Laid off from the toy factory, Peter decides to fulfill his dream of being a Renaissance fair jouster.
100px "A Fish Out of Water" September 19, 2001 3ACX05
Peter begins his new career as a fisherman while Lois takes Meg on spring break.
100px "Emission Impossible" November 8, 2001 3ACX01
Lois and Peter decide to have another baby, but Stewie tries to keep that from happening.
100px "To Love and Die in Dixie" November 15, 2001 3ACX09
When a burglar threatens to kill Chris, the family is taken into the witness protection program and moves to the deep South.
100px "Screwed the Pooch" November 29, 2001 3ACX08
The family goes to visit Lois's parents.
100px "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?" December 6, 2001 3ACX06
Peter finds out he has a black ancestor.
100px "Ready, Willing, and Disabled" December 20, 2001 3ACX07
Joe competes in the "Special People's Games" while Chris, Meg and Stewie fight over a money clip.
100px "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas" December 21, 2001 2ACX03
The Christmas gift shopping has to be done all over again. Stewie stars as Jesus in the town Christmas pageant.
100px "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows" January 17, 2002 3ACX03
Brian attends to an old shut-in woman while Peter lets birds nest in his beard.
100px "From Method to Madness" January 24, 2002 3ACX11
Stewie becomes a hit singing a duet with Olivia, while Meg courts Jeff, a nudist.
100px "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" January 31, 2002 3ACX10
Peter and Lois deal with their jealousy, while Brian and Stewie are accidentally joined at the hands with an industrial adhesive.
100px "Road to Europe" aka "European Road Show" February 7, 2002 3ACX13
Peter and Lois attend KISS-stock, while Brian and Stewie travel to London looking for Jolly Farm Revue.
100px "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" February 14, 2002 3ACX12
Three short stories based upon viewer requests.

Originally unaired by FOX, this last episode first aired on Adult Swim on November 10, 2003. FOX eventually aired this episode on December 10, 2004. It was included on the Season 3 DVD.

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" November 10, 2003 2ACX05
Peter prays for a jew to help him manage his money.

Season 4A

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "North by North Quahog" May 1, 2005 (leaked on the Internet a few days before) 4ACX01

Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon to put the life back into their marriage, but run into trouble with Mel Gibson and his Catholic cronies. Lois and Peter see a sneak peek of the next Mel Gibson film "Passion of the Christ 2". Brian and Stewie are left in charge at home and Chris is caught with alcohol at the school dance.

100px "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High" May 8, 2005 4ACX02
Brian fills in as substitute but is moved to another class for troubled kids and teaches them to aspire to low-level jobs, while Chris is instantly smitten with his new teacher (guest voiced by Drew Barrymore).
100px "Blind Ambition" May 15, 2005 4ACX04
Peter eats nickels to set a world record, and ends up losing his eyesight.
100px "Don't Make Me Over" June 5, 2005 4ACX03
Meg gets a make over. The family then becomes a band, ending with Meg losing her virginity on Saturday Night Live.
100px "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire" June 12, 2005 4ACX08
On a group fishing trip, Quagmire picks a fish from Loretta's cleavage and gets invited by her for sex, as she feels her husband Cleveland doesn't satisfy her anymore. Later, Peter and Brian happen across Loretta and Quagmire together in the living room. Cleveland seeks revenge against Quagmire.
100px "Petarded" June 19, 2005 4ACX09
At a game night among friends, Lois lets Peter win at Trivial Pursuit, which leads Peter to gloat and think he’s a genius. Brian knows the truth and challenges Peter to prove his intelligence by getting an IQ test. The test comes back proving that Peter is, in fact, mentally retarded and he spends the rest of this episode capitalizing on the fact that, as a mentally challenged individual, he will not be held resposible for anything stupid he does.
100px "Brian the Bachelor" June 26, 2005 4ACX10
When The Bachelorette comes to Quahog, they recruit Brian to be a contestant. He signs up for the free martinis and food, but ends up falling in love with the reality starlet, Brooke (Jessica Biel). Brian wins her heart and the final rose, but when the cameras are turned off, this romance made in TV heaven takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Chris gets a pimple, which seems to have a mind of its own.
100px "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" July 10, 2005 4ACX11
Peter sells Meg to the Goldmans, while Lois interviews babysitters.
100px "Breaking Out Is Hard to Do" July 17 2005 4ACX12
Lois becomes addicted to shoplifting, winding her up in prison. Peter and the other Griffins break her out then take shelter in "Asiantown", with Joe hot on their trail.. An Asian version of the theme is heard.
100px "Model Misbehavior" July 24, 2005 4ACX13
During a visit with her parents, Lois recalls her teenage aspirations to be a model. In defiance of her father's wishes, she begins modelling and becomes very successful. Soon, however, she is taking diet pills and staying out all night, and Peter becomes very jealous of the lust she inspires in other men. Desperate to get her out of the fashion world, Peter collaborates with Carter to get her back on track. Meanwhile, Stewie starts a pyramid scheme business ("CashScam"). Brian learns he has worms and, unable to afford the medication but too embarrassed to ask Peter for money, reluctantly agrees to work for Stewie.

Season 4B

Season 4B is still part of Season 4's production schedule; Season 4 was divided in half so as to not waste new episodes when television audiences were low. The traditional size for a spring half-season is nine episodes (thirteen for a fall half-season); Fox showed ten in Season 4A, only starting in May rather than in January. New episodes of the show went on hiatus for August. The show was restarted on September 11, 2005, advertised as the premiere of a new season.

Screen Shot Title Original Airdate Production code
100px "Peter's Got Woods" September 11, 2005 4ACX14

Brian goes to a PTA meeting, where he falls in love with a teacher. Peter becomes friends with James Woods.

100px "The Perfect Castaway" September 18, 2005 4ACX15

Peter realizes he's not catching enough fish to make a living. After firing his two employees, he sets out with his drinking buddies to find fish, but a hurricane strands them on a remote island. When Peter returns to Quahog months later, he finds Brian is the man of the house.

100px "Jungle Love" September 25, 2005 4ACX16

Chris worries about hazing on his first day of high school. Brian casually mentions his time in the Peace Corps and Chris decides to run away to South America. When the family finds out, they go after him.

100px "PTV" November 6, 2005 4ACX17

Peter starts his own TV station to counteract censorship on the networks, but the FCC shuts him down. The FCC takes the extra step of trying to censor Peter's real life.

100px "Brian Goes Back To College" November 13, 2005 4ACX18

Brian covers an '80s TV convention for a local magazine, which leads to a job with The New Yorker. Almost as quickly he's fired because he did not finish college, so he goes back to Brown, with Stewie following along.

100px "The Courtship of Stewie's Father" November 20, 2005 4ACX19

Peter and Stewie bond while Chris befriends a guy whose window he broke.

100px "The Fat Guy Strangler" November 27, 2005 4ACX20

Lois meets a long lost brother, while Peter founds a National Association for the Advancement of Fat People.

100px "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz" December 18, 2005 4ACX22

Peter starts his own church: The First United Church Of The Fonz after he has faith in Fonzie from Happy Days. Meanwhile, Peter's father visits and imposes his religion leaving Stewie poisoned with Holy Water.

100px "Brian Sings and Swings" Expected to air January 8, 2006 4ACX21

After an accident lands Brian in the hospital, he has a near-death experience that leads him to take a new lease on life. He finds a passion for singing and develops a new nightly gig with Frank Sinatra Jr., but his "live in the moment" lifestyle only goes so far. Meanwhile, Meg's sexuality swings the other way.|-

100px "I Take Thee Quagmire" Expected to air January 15, 2006 4ACX23


100px "Sibling Rivalry" Expected to air January 22, 2006 4ACX24


100px "Peter's Done It With The Patriot Games" Expected to air January 29, 2006 4ACX25

Peter decides to become the new mayor. But, must give up drinking to become one. Peter goes through a strange journey without drinking until a night out with his mates causes him to end up in Hospital. Adam West is given his job back

100px "Deep Throats" Expected to air February 5, 2006 4ACX26


100px "Peterotica" Expected to air February 12, 2006 4ACX27


100px "Mother Tucker" Expected to air February 19, 2006 4ACX28


100px "Petergeist" Expected to air February 26, 2006 4ACX29


100px "You May Now Kiss The...Uh... Guy Who Recieves" Expected to air March 5, 2006 4ACX30


100px Unknown Expected to air March 12, 2006 4ACX31


100px "Stewie Loves Lois" Expected to air March 19, 2006 4ACX32


100px Unknown Expected to air March 26, 2006 4ACX33


100px "Saving Private Brian Expected to air April 2, 2006 4ACX34


100px "Whistle While Your Wife Works Expected to air April 9, 2006 4ACX35

Lois gets a job at the brewery where Peter works

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