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Rapunzel Unbraided is a American animation film scheduled for release in 2008 and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Pictures and to be distributed by Buena Vista Pictures in the United States. It will retell the famous fairy tale of Rapunzel, but with a "twist," as several Disney executives have hinted in a recent press release. Though the finished film will be entirely in computer graphics, (CG) Rapunzel Unbraided will have a unique look that will resemble traditional oil paintings on canvas. And while the characters and objects in earlier CGI movies looks rather stiff and hard, the characters in Rapunzel Unbraided will move in a much softer and more fluid way, like people are used to from the old Disney Classics. Kristin Chenoweth (Rapunzel) and Dan Fogler have reportedly been contracted as voice actors. Legendary Disney lead animator Glen Keane will make his director's debut with this film. The movie's visual style is based on the painting "The Swing", by the French Rocco artist Jean-Honore Fragonard. Because Keane wanted this to be an animated movie that looked and felt like a traditional hand-drawn Disney Classic in 3D, he first had a seminar called "The Best of Both Worlds", where he with 50 Disney animators (CGI artists and traditional artists) focused on the pluses and minuses of each genre and what could be done to combine the strength of both into an animated feature. The movie will be made under the trained eyes of experienced animators from the old school and the skills of computer artists from the newer CGI school. Because many of the techniques and tools that were required to give the film the quality Keane demanded of it didn't exist yet, they had to create them on their own. Among other things the artists are using a pencil-like tool to draw directly onto the screen.

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